Dutondya Maruti : Nashik

Two Sided Idol Of Lord Hanuman

Dutondya MarutiThe Dutondya Maruti is on the banks of the river Godavari in Nashik. It is the huge idol of Lord Hanuman near the famous Ramkund.

The idol is called as Dutondya (two faced) Maruti since it has faces on either sides. This saffron colored idol is not merely a religious idol but also a kind of a water indicator. The water level or the flood level of the Godavari flowing nearby is measured depending on the part of the Dutondya Maruti that it touches.

In the year 2009 when Godavari had experienced one of its biggest flood, the Dutondya Maruti was completely immersed in the water. This year however the river water had only reached up to the knees of the idol in the monsoons.

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Dutondya Maruti