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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of the questions that either have been frequently asked or we anticipated they would be. We have carefully thought over these questions and tried our best to give you an explanation of these, so that you can avail our serivces at your best!

FAQ   ( Frequently Asked Question )

Q: What is Nashik Directory ?

A: Well, Nashik is a online directory of Nasik which offer information about various topics like manufactures, suppliers, exporters, importers, small business ervice providers, user Nasik city information for daily use etc..

Q: Is Nashik is like a telephone directory of Nashik ?

A: No it is not a telephone diretory of Nashik.It is a online business directory or yellow page services which offer information about various service providers in Nasik.

Q: Nashik Directory is owned by whom ?

A: It is owned and operated by OBizTek Group which is Nashik based and is in existence since year 2000 . For more information about us please check out 

Q: How to List my business on Nashik Directory ?

A: Its simple please choose the advertisement plans as your needs at and simply fill the enquiry form.

Q: Tell me something about more your web design option like what it includes / what customization it offers etc ?

A: Our web design feature of our gold plan include your own domain name + web hosting + standard web design of around 5- 7 pages .Please note that it does not include custome design / dynamic pages / custome animation etc.If you need some custom design as per your nature of work /business than please contact us.

Q: I already have website can you offer domain / web hosting or maintenance services it for us now onwards ?

A: Yes we can offer you all required services very economical & effectively. We can give you the best offer / proposal which no other competitor can give you. We are simple, responsible & have long year of technical expertise to offer you the best of all.Please contact us to start the communication.

Q: Will there be smooth communication with your team?

A: Surely. We have devised a technique to communicate regularly with clients and assist them in finding solutions. Our relationship manager communicates well with the clients and takes regular feedback on the work. We will regularly communicate on chats, emails, and conference calls.

Q: When shall you complete the project?

A: We can work on dedicated resource basis, hourly basis and turnkey basis. We will help you to select the most cost effective and best model that will work for your project.

Q: How will you maintain Quality?

A: We shall maintain best quality as per our standards and provide transparency in all transactions. You can have all the details for the finances, timelines and deliverables in the proposal.

Q: How will I know about progress in my project?

A: Before starting work, we shall set all milestones for the projects. The turnaround and details are shared with you regularly.

Q:What is the best way to contact you ?

A: We prefer email method as it help us to respond you properly and timely .You can also contact us phone as per the nature of work / urgency etc.

Q: How to make payment ?

A: There are many options for this like Cheque / DD / Direct bank transfer via HDFC / ICICI / Axis / SBI bank / Credit card / Paypal etc.Please checkout payment page for more information. We will give a proper email covering all details before doing anything.

Q: If there is some issue with the quality of work after it is finished, will you help us ?

A: Surely. We value customer satisfaction and will surely help you rectify it. We shall also give warranty for certain days or months depending on the type of work. We also offer maintenance to give best service.

Q: Who can I contact in your office for my requirements ?

A: Just mail us on the email address – – with all details and the our team will contact you for further communication. Also please check out contact us page for more information.

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