Anant Kanhere : Nashik

Young Indian Freedom Fighter

Anant Kanhere

  1. Anant Laxman Kanhere was the gem in the Indian Freedom Struggle from Nashik.
  2. He was born in 1891 in a small village in Ratnagiri.
  3. He completed his primary education in Indore and Nizamabad and learnt the English language at Aurangabad.
  4. Once back to Nizamabad, Anant started living at his friend’s Gangaram Rupchand Marwadi Saraf’s house.
  5. Here he came in contact with the members of secret revolutionary groups and thus the patriotic flame lit in him.
  6. Anna Karve too formed a secret group with Vinayak Narayan Deshpande, Shankar Soman and Vanam Narayan Joshi to do his bit for the motherland.
  7. Jackson was the collector of Nashik at that time and he was very cruel and suppressed the anti-British movements, but due to his good talks he had befriended the public, making them believe that slavery was good for them.
  8. Thus the revolutionaries in Nashik decided to kill Jackson.
  9. They decided to kill Jackson in the first month of 1910, but by the end of 1909 he got the transfer orders.
  10. So, Anant Kanhere and his group decided to kill him on his farewell day.
  11. Accordingly Jackson was killed by Anant on 21st Dec 1909 when the people of Nashik had arranged a farewell for him at Vijayanand theater in Nashik.
  12. Merely after four months of Jackson’s death the Bombay court ordered to hang Anant Kanhere, then 18 years old in the Thane prison on 19 April 1910.
  13. Along with Anant, Krishnaji Karve (age 23) and Vinayak Deshpande (age 21) were also hanged.

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