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Sacred Place Of The Jains

Chamar Chambhar Leni / Teertharaj GajapanthaThe Chamar Chambhar Leni / Teertharaj Gajapantha is located at Mhasrul, on the Nashik-Gujarat road. It is just 5km from the center of the city and 16km from the Nashik railway station. This place is of great religious importance to the Jain followers.

Teerthraj Gajpantha is located on a 400ft high hill and some 435 steps lead to the temples. The famous Chambhar Caves are also situated here and hence this place is also called as the Chambhar Leni. It is believed that seven Balbhadra (saints) of Jain Sect and their 8 crore Yadav King followers got salvation here. At the hill top their are temples displaying the Shweta Charan of various Jain saints and two caves. At the foot of Gajapantha Teerth there is a beautiful garden and the Samadhi of Kshemendra Kirti. There is also a temple which has Mahaveer statues in four directions.

In the north of Mhasrul village there is a 100 year old temple that houses a 25 inches tall statue of Bhagwan Mahavira in Padmasana Mudra and 31 other statues, which include seven Balbhadras and one Gajkumar statue. Every year on the 14th day of Magh an annual gathering is organized here to celebrate Jalayatra and Gajaratha ceremonies.

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Chamar Chambhar Leni