Dugarwadi : Nashik

Breath-taking Waterfall

DugarwadiDugarwadi Waterfall is one of the best natural beauties in Nashik. This splendid waterfall lies just 30 kms from the Wine capital – Nashik. It lies approximately two kilometers off the Jawhar Road. The adventure and nature lovers simply love to take a one day outing at Dugarwadi to feel the vibrant spirit of the monsoon season.

Dugarwadi is a great place to explore the beauty of mother nature especially in the monsoon season. The dense forest, waterfall and the fresh air are all seductive. It totally makes one forget about all the hustle-bustle, stress and tensions of the city life. The only drawback of Dugarwadi is its loneliness and lack of security. So a group visit is to the place is more advisable.

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