Kapaleshwar Mahadev : Nashik

Unique Shiva Temple Without The Nandi

Kapaleshwar MahadevThe Kapaleshwar Mahadev temple is situated at a distance of 1km from Central Bus Stand of Nashik. The temple is in close proximity of Ramkund and the holy river Godavari. This temple is believed to be some 600 years old.

The Kapaleshwar Mahadev temple can be reached by climbing 50 steps. This is the temple of Lord Shiva. There is a lovely Shivaling in the temple. The most striking aspect regarding this temple is there is no idol of Nandi in front of Lord Mahadev. The Shravani Somvar (Monday) and Shivratri are the days when pilgrims gather in large numbers in the Kapaleshwar Mahadev temple. Devotees have to wait in long queues for their turn.

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Kapaleshwar Mahadev