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Nashik Run : Nashik

The Run For A Social Cause

Nashik RunThe motto of Nashik Run is “in aid of a social cause”. Nashik Run is an initiative by the Nashik Run Charitable Trust (NRCT), founded by three major companies- Motor Industries Co. Ltd (MICO), EPCOS India and Thyssenkrup to help the needy and underprivileged. The initiative also aims to promote awareness of health and fitness in and around the city of Nashik. The funds that are collected through the Nashik Run are used for causes like shelter for the old and women, education and training for the mentally challenged, training for the blind, care for orphans etc.

The first Nashik Run was held on 11th January 2003. The event is held every year in the month of January by the Nashik Run Charitable Trust (NRCT). The latest being the Nashik Run 2011 on 9th January 2011.

Nashik Run funds are collected through donations and sponsorships from various corporates and participants who register for the run. One exclusive “Nashik Run” T-shirt is given to each participant. There are sponsorship classes like Platinum, Gold, Silver, Joint, Official with special perks such as ads in stage banners, complimentary t-shirts etc thus attracting more corporate. It is worth mentioning that industries like Bosch, Epcos, VIP Industries, Wood Crafts and many more have always backed the Nashik Run through their valuable donations. The most striking feature of the Nashik Run organization is that not a single paisa is used on administrative cost.

Nashik Run is not merely supported by the corporate but also the local public. One of the proof of this fact is that about 15,000 people had enrolled for the 7th mega “Nashik Run: 2009” collecting a whooping Rs. 75 lakh for the social help.

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