Ramshej Fort : Nashik

Historical Fort Of Shivaji Maharaj

Ramshej FortThe Ramshej Fort is located on the western tip of the Ramshej ghat which lies north of Nashik. One can trek up the fort by reaching Ramshej which is only 14km from Nashik on the way to Peth. The regular bus services are available up to Aashewadi which is a village at the foothill of the fort.

History says that Aurangzeb’s army had attacked the Maratha Kingdom. And his commanders claimed that they would win the Ramshej fort within hours. But the son of Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji & his army gave them a tough fight and the fight for the fort lasted for seven years. The Ramlalla temple, secret tunnel, rock cut caves are some of the places of interest on the Ramshej Fort.

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Ramshej Fort