Science Museum : Nashik

Must See For The Science Lovers

Science MuseumThe Science enthusiast, Prabhakar Deshpande’s Science Museum in Nashik is a pure delight for science lovers. The museum is located in the MIDC Ambad area of the city. Though a private property it is noteworthy that Mr. Despande allows anyone and everyone to come and explore it. The Nashik Darshan Bus has also included this marvel in their daily trip.

The Science Museum in Nashik showcases some wonders of science and other exhibits. You can see the various exhibits of the Earth (giving details of major earthquake prone zones, major landmarks etc), Aircraft exhibit (giving history of the aviation industry using 18 models), detailed exhibit of the Aircraft Carrier, marvels of engineering etc. There are some mesmerizing science models that leave you thinking like the colored shadow, amusing mirrors, India’s population clock, Jacob ladder etc.

So the next time you want to explore the marvels of science and enrich your knowledge the Science Museum of Nashik is the place to be. Don’t miss it.

Here is a short video on the Science Museum Of Nashik. Indeed seeing is believing.

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Science Museum