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The Must Have Items Of The City

Nashik city is a gem in the crown of Maharashtra. The city is a pilgrimage, shopping hub, industrial center and a true beauty for the eyes. The city is well known for many of its specialities among the frequent visitors. If you are coming to Nashik please do try your hands at the specialities of the city that are listed below.

Specialities of Nashik / Famous Items Nashik

  • Kismis :
    A Kismis is any dried grape. Also popularly known as raisins, currants and sultanas. It is locally known by the name of “Manuka”. You can find many varieties of Kismis in the city depending on its size, color, taste and price. The dry fruit is a healthy food since it contains antioxidant (keeping impurities at bay), is high in fiber (cures constipation), best source of quick energy, lower risk of osteoporosis, good for eyes etc.
  • Grapes :
    Nashik is very famous for its table and wine grapes. The grapes are sure to tickle your taste buds. The black, green, seed and seedless varities are all popular. Grapes from the city are exported to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
  • Chivda :
    Chivda is a traditional Maharashtrian snack. The Nashik Chivda is very unique and delicious. It is a combination of flattened rice (Poha in Marathi), roasted gram, dried coconut, fried curry leaves, peanuts, sometimes cashews and masalas. Some famous brands selling Nashik Chivda are – Kondaji, Madhavji etc. You must try some and to love it.
  • Misal :
    The Misal is a delicacy made from the mixture of various sprouts like mung, matki, chana, beans and lots of spicy, oily masala. The Misal Pav is a relatively cheap yet nutritional snack or meal. It is a must must have if you are in Nashik.
  • Wine :
    Nashik is the “Wine Capital of India”, so how can one miss it when in the city. There are around 33 wineries in and around Nashik. You can get white, red etc types of quality and exclusive Wines in Nashik.
  • Guava :
    Nashik is also known as the “Kitchen garden” of Mumbai and other neighboring cities. The Guavas (Peru in Marathi) from Nashik are popular for their unique taste. Other fruits like pomegranate, grapes are also good. The vegetables especially the green leafy ones are also very cheap and of fine quality.

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