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Toll nakas first, road can wait

The 190-km-long Mumbai-Nashik highway, or the NH 3, which begins at Mulund, seemed like a good drive, but only till the Thane toll plaza. That’s when axle-breaking ditches began. Interestingly, IRB Infrastructure, the contractors for the 25 km stretch beginning from Thane, have chosen to erect toll plazas before completing the full length of the road, or tending to the little that is there.

The worst patch was between Shahpur and Kasara. The road was incomplete and seemed to be a quarry. Nonetheless, the toll plazas at Thane and Ghoti have proved extremely competent when it comes to collecting toll, but are equally inept at maintaining this highway. “We pay Rs 50 for a small vehicle at Ghoti, but contractors don’t bother about maintenance. We also never get compensated for mishaps caused by the ditches. But when it comes to collecting toll, they are very efficient,” said Deepak Kumar, a tourist.

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