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WISA Rally

  • WISA stands for Western India Sports Association.
  • It was formed in August 2000, by some sports loving volunteers.
  • WISA organizes various adventure sports events, the major being the Motor Sports.
  • WISA as of now organizes one of the 7 rounds of the Indian National Rally Championship.
  • The motto of the association is to grow and educate the adventure sport in this part of the country.
  • The executive committee of WISA comprises of 9 members, changed every two years, are responsible for running the show and there are about 350 supporting volunteers.
  • WISA arranges annual meetings the latest being “9th Annual General Meeting” held on 24th August 2010 at York Wineries.
  • Some of the past events of WISA in and around Nashik which were a big hit include: Rally of Maharashtra (25,26,27th June 2010 at Nashik, Harsul, Jawhar), Wisa’s Big Guns Rally (16th 17th January 2010 at In and Around Nashik), Speed’s Rally of Maharashtra (Oct 30,31 Nov. 1 2009 at Nashik, Harsul, Jawhar).
  • The winners of the recently held WISA Nashik Rally in the month of August are : Gaurav Gill and co-driver Musa Sherif, followed by last year’s winner Vikram Mathias and Amittrajit Ghosh.

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WISA Rally